Documents found within the Compendium have been grouped and analysed according to a simple definition of the type of document that they are and the material that they contain.

The typology used is highlighted below along with a brief definition and links to the documents grouped under each type.

Suggested Typology Definition
Policy & Practice Reviews Include papers on specific themes and topics of relevance and also summaries of lessons learned directed at practitioners or policy makers. It may include relevant evaluation, monitoring reports and academic articles etc.
Guidelines Specific guidelines and/or or toolkits designed for policy makers or practitioners on general DDR planning and implementation or on specific thematic areas and issues
Policy Frameworks Policy statements or frameworks related to DDR, or of key relevance to it, produced either by Member States, the AU, REC’s, or major international organisations such as the UN, EU etc.
National Programme Documents Documents produced by member states of the AU and which describe national policy frameworks related to DDR or programme implementation plans. This includes national DDR policy and planning frameworks, project implementation manuals and annual reports etc.